Daring Generations: Event Recap

We are beyond thrilled to share that our inaugural events titled: Daring Generations sold out in both Phoenix and Tucson. Together we celebrated and honored 10 outstanding women and numerous finalists who are making a difference within community. Our contemporary award categories included Transformation, Matriarch, Legacy, Encore and Future in honor of the many phases of life we all travel through.

Please check out the photo albums and thank you to our incredible supporters and attendees who made these two nights truly memorable.


Encore Winner: Susan Claassen (left) and Transformation Winner: Ashley La Russa (right)

Transformation Finalists: Julie Bonner (left) and Diana Charbonneau (right) with WFSA’s Director of Community Mobilization, Felicia Hansen (middle)

Generous guest speaker and Tucson Electric Power $10,000 match sponsor and announcer, Wendy Erica at Daring Generations, Tucson

Transformation Finalist: Desiree Cook

Supporters: Cam Lizik (left) and October Newson (right)