Statewide Impact 2023

The 2023 Impact Report is an in-depth summary of how WFSA has worked to address systemic barriers and drive results-focused policy change for women and girls. Creating systemic change for Arizona’s women and girls is difficult. However, WFSA has found that through community partnerships, research, innovative solutions, and community-centric fundraising, making an impact for those who need it most happens organically.

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Read the highlights below:


Our nonpartisan research provides statewide data to inform public policy and philanthropy decisions.

Every facet of our work is rooted in nonpartisan research and validated by a committee of women who have lived these experiences. We seek to identify the biggest economic barriers and opportunities for women and girls of all identities so we can create innovative and integrated solutions. Gender inequity lies at the root of many problems women face in Arizona. From inadequate opportunities for working mothers to health disparities, we hope to contribute with actionable measures and create changes that are desperately needed.

The graphic features just a few of the 28 Promising Career Paths that were identified in WFSA’s 2023 publication: Promising Career Paths for Self-Sufficiency. The Promising Careers for Self-Sufficiency report was created in partnership with the UA Community Research, Evaluation, & Development team to identify 28 promising careers whose median annual wage is $50,000+, require less than a 4-year degree, and is a growing occupation statewide. Click here to read the full report and here to read the highlights.

Innovative programs and unconventional solutions are needed because things aren’t working for women across our state. The systems in place are not acknowledging the uphill battle women, and particularly women of color, face throughout the state of Arizona. WFSA partners with Arizona organizations to create and scale programs that support women towards a self-sufficient future for themselves, and for future generations.

To date, WFSA has piloted two impactful programs including Pathways for Single Moms
Program and the Unidas Youth Leadership Program.


WFSA’s innovative programs are developed with research collected from Arizona residents and guided by the lived experiences of community members directly affected by the systems at play. In short, WFSA conducts research, collects community guidance and feedback, and then gets to work developing programs that will actually move the needle for women and move it promptly as we acknowledge the numerous generations that have already endured inequity and hardship.

Looking towards 2024, WFSA’s Advocacy team has identified four areas of focus for their policy priorities for the upcoming legislative session and has been actively involved within legislative channels: Access to Affordable and Transitional Housing, Access to Childcare, Closing the Gender Pay Gap, and Securing Reproductive Healthcare.

As the 2024 legislative session gets underway, we invite advocates to sign up for our legislative emails to stay up to date on bills and policy items impacting women and girls of all identities at

The Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona invests in organizations serving women and girls of all identities. We strive for equitable and community-centered grantmaking to support building the capacity of nonprofit organizations so they can thrive.

We are very proud of our philanthropic roots and are committed to continuing and growing our investment in Arizona. WFSA’s grantmaking model of unrestricted and renewable grants positions organizations to thrive and can help meet the needs of organizations serving women and girls in Arizona.

We are proud of our Southern Arizona roots and will continue to invest in the region as we build relationships with other communities throughout Arizona. Although our geography has expanded and our brand has evolved, the commitment to gender equity remains.

In support of this new statewide commitment, WFSA has completed a Listening Tour of Arizona. The Listening Tour project had the overarching goal to connect with women and girls of all identities throughout the state and to learn the personal experiences and struggles of those they serve. WFSA staff members were assigned to specific regions throughout Arizona and travel to all 15 counties to regularly meet with local community members and leaders. WFSA engages each community in compassionate conversations about equity issues at large.

WFSA’s Listening Tour was the first step in our vision to create an expansive network of women representatives from the state of Arizona. This network will then inform future research, grantmaking, advocacy, pilot programs, and legislative efforts. Stay tuned for updates on our statewide expansion and more.

WFSA’s employees are the backbone and heart of this organization. We strive to hire staff who are committed to social justice and can bring their lived experiences to the forefront of this work. WFSA includes vigorous hiring procedures to ensure that all staff members are able to fulfil the pertinent roles that are needed to support our ongoing initiatives. We are proud of the range of diversity that comes forth in our employee demographics and work hard to make sure all walks of life and cultural backgrounds are represented. We like to say that “We are WFSA” because we truly do represent the women and girls that we serve across the state of Arizona. WFSA is committed to progressive work-life balance and burn out prevention for our staff.



WFSA’s “We are WFSA” Commercials 2023-2024

“We are WFSA” English version
“Yo soy WFSA” versión en Español

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WFSA adopts the philanthropic model of community-based giving provided by Community-Centric Fundraising which is: 

  • Grounded in equity and social justice.
  • Is rooted in partnership; We treat donors as partners and value transparency. All stakeholders, from staff to board to volunteers, are vital to the success of our mission. 
  • Supports nonprofit work in our communities. There is space for us all to do the important work of addressing needs to strengthen communities. 

The Giving Collective experience includes: 

  • Acknowledgments based on donor-community relationships; not dollar amounts. 
  • Authentic connections with other WFSA donors, staff, and the community we support.
  • Year-round communication for Giving Collective members to stay engaged in the WFSA community and advocacy work. 

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