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Piloted by the Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona in 2020, the Foundation has incubated the Pathways for Single Moms program which helps single mothers obtain a certificate in growing fields that pay sustainable wages.

The program has recently received state funding to scale its work across Arizona in partnership with nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. In Arizona, there are nearly half a million full-time working women who lack a college degree, including over 70,000 single mothers. Among the five most commonly held occupations for single mothers of young children, none provide a median wage higher than $30,000. Without a path to further education, these mothers cannot increase their earning potential.

The Pathways for Single Moms Program employs a multi-pronged approach that fundamentally shifts the future of low-income families by providing access to a combination of educational and economic opportunities to equip mothers with the tools they need to become economically self-sufficient.

NOTE: Dress for Success Phoenix is not taking current applications for enrollment due to high demand on the program. Please contact Dress for Success Phoenix directly to join an inquiry list and learn more about additional programs currently offered.

Pathways for Single Moms Program

Pathways for Single Moms eliminates many barriers women face when going back to school. From child care to tuition, this program helps women succeed through one-year certificate programs in growing STEM fields.

Arizona has among the highest number of nonprofit organizations per capita in the entire nation, yet at least 500,000 mothers and their families are living on the margins. Many women are interested in returning to school to get into a career track that provides a worthy wage. However, low wages, rising tuition costs, and child care challenges often provide a barrier to success.

To address these challenges, WFSA created a pilot program of wraparound support for single mothers that helps them get certifications for careers with worthy wages to break the cycle of poverty for women and their families. In addition to assisting in navigating the enrollment process, the program provides up to 100% of tuition and childcare expenses, as well as a stipend for living expenses throughout the program.

Partnering Organizations

Single moms are beginning a new journey towards self-sufficiency with technical education training offered in partnership with Arizona organizations.

Dress for Success Phoenix

Dress for Success Phoenix is serving all of Arizona. As an organization, they design and deliver programs to help women overcome challenges for every phase of their personal or professional journey, whether they are job seekers, employed professionals, or someone ready to be a leader in their community. Through first-in-class partnerships, the nonprofit offers outcome-driven programs to ensure women are getting hired, being promoted, receiving well-earned raises, networking with other professional women, and gaining control of their finances.

Pima Community College

Pima Community College is the partnering organization in Southern Arizona with fast-track certificate programs that quickly prepare you to start a career in an in-demand field. In Pima’s IBEST programs, basic skills instruction is contextualized into the career/technical content, with Adult Education and technical instructors co-planning and co-teaching. This allows students to achieve education and employment goals faster.  

Maricopa Community College

Maricopa Community Colleges (MCC) has partnered with Dress for Success Phoenix to bring you fast-track certificate programs that quickly prepare you to start a career in an in-demand field.

Coconino Community College

WFSA is excited about a partnership with Coconino Community College beginning this winter of 2023 to provide wrap-around services and supports directly to single moms as students on campus and in rural spaces throughout Northern Arizona.

The Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona is connecting single mothers to high-demand one-year certificate programs in fields that pay a livable wage, getting their families on a new path to self-sufficiency.

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For program inquiries, contact Dress for Success Phoenix at (602) 489-7397 or

For Pathways for Single Moms Statewide Expansion Questions, contact Joanna Marroquin, Director of Pilot Programs at (520) 849-6095 or