WFSA strives to remove systemic barriers facing women and girls through statewide policy change. We write, run, support, and enact legislation that levels the playing field. With your support, we can create an Arizona where women and girls of all identities thrive. Join us in removing inequities and economic and social barriers for women and girls.

Legislative Priorities

2022 was WFSA’s most ambitious legislative agenda to date! Scroll down to learn more about our advocacy priorities that passed this legislative session. With your partnership, we are creating systemic change that levels the playing field in Arizona.

We are proud to have a track record of advancing issues with bipartisan support. WFSA has successfully championed two bills that have been signed into law:

HB 2016 from the 2021 legislative session, was signed into law in 2021, making it possible for parents to maintain their childcare assistance while enrolling in full-time education and training programs that equip them for in-demand higher-wage jobs that lead to self-sufficiency.

HB 2111 from the 2022 legislative session, ensures single moms have support from the beginning of their pregnancy through a child’s early years through the expansion of the Healthy Families Arizona Program.

Click here to read the 2022 Legislative Recap which overviews the policies impacting women and girls from this legislative session. 

Please click on the tiles below to learn more about our 2022 advocacy priorities

Expand the Healthy Families Arizona program
Ensure single moms have support from the beginning of their pregnancy through the child’s early years by expanding the Healthy Families Arizona Program.
Learn more!
End gender-based taxes
End gender-based taxes on feminine hygiene products and diapers. Learn more!
Support Medicaid coverage for women and children
Actively support bills which expand health access for women and their children, specifically KidsCare and 12-month Medicaid coverage for post-partum women. Learn more!

The WE Network (formerly the Women’s Issues Network- AZ) brings together advocates from across the state to mobilize, learn, and create system changes that benefit women and girls in Arizona. Sign up for the WE Network today!