The Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona invests in organizations serving women and girls of all identities. We strive for equitable and community-centered grantmaking to support building the capacity of nonprofit organizations so they can thrive.

During our 30 year history, we have invested nearly 20 million dollars in organizations that support women and girls in Arizona.

We are very proud of our philanthropic roots and are committed to continuing and growing our investment in Arizona. WFSA’s grantmaking model of unrestricted, renewable grants, positions organizations to thrive and can help meet the needs of organizations serving women and girls in Arizona.

At WFSA, we:

  • Believe grantmaking should be accessible, especially to organizations serving the community’s most marginalized
  • Trust our grantee partners to make decisions about what organizations need to best serve their community
  • Support grantee partners with ongoing mentorship and technical support
  • Provide sustainable and multi-year funding for eligible organizations
  • Collaborate to bring more resources into the region so that more resources are available to more organizations, achieving a greater impact
  • Create a sustainable model of grantmaking that supports organizations to invest in the health and prosperity of entire generations of communities

Learn about WFSA’s grant opportunities: