Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona hosts legislative kick-off event 

The Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona hosted a virtual educational event Monday, January 10 as Arizona opened its 2022 legislative session. The purpose of this public event was to inform Arizonans about upcoming legislation that affects women and girls in the state. 

With a mission focused on gender equity, WFSA is dedicated to policy change that improves the economic and social supports for Arizona women.  
In Arizona, nearly 1,000,000 people live in poverty, and more than half of them are women. These numbers are only getting worse as they are affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has undone decades of progress for the economic wellbeing of women. 
“In the midst of uncertainty and influence from around the country, we remain committed to ensuring our voice is at the table during this important legislative session. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that far too many people in Arizona are living too close to the edge and are struggling to support their families and livelihood,” said WFSA’s Director of Research and Advocacy Gauri Gladish. 

WFSA’s 2022 Legislative Session Priorities: 

  • Ensure single moms have support from the beginning of their pregnancy through the child’s early years by expanding the Healthy Families Arizona program 
  • End gender-based taxes on feminine hygiene products, diapers and formula 
  • Actively support bills which expand health access for women and their children, specifically KidsCare and 12-month Medicaid coverage for postpartum women 

WFSA’s history of advocacy work began in 2014 and has benefitted women and families throughout the state. This past year, WFSA celebrated a legislative win that allows for up to 400,000 Arizona families receiving public childcare assistance to maintain their benefits while enrolling in full-time education. 

In addition to highlighting their policy focus for the 2022 session, WFSA invited members of Goodman Schwartz Public Affairs to share some insights about the current political landscape and what to expect this session. The Foundation also informed the public about ways to get involved in advocacy work for women and girls.  

The brief informational stream can be viewed online at
“This is a momentous time for gender equity in our state. It is more important than ever that we mobilize our advocacy efforts and double down on our commitment to advocate for women and girls,” added Gladish. 

For the first time in its history, WFSA is expanding its advocacy network to include representation from the entire State of Arizona. 
Click here to learn more about WFSA’s advocacy work.