Single Mothers in Coconino County Get a Chance at Free Higher Education 

Coconino Community College Partners with the Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona to Expand the Pathways for Single Moms Program to Northern Arizona 

(FLAGSTAFF, ARIZ.) Thursday, January 12, 2023 – Coconino Community College has been selected by the Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona (WFSA) as the nonprofit partner to launch the Pathways for Single Moms Program in the state’s northern region.  

This program is designed to eliminate barriers to higher education for single moms by giving them the necessary resources to secure livable wages and forge a career path. Taking a holistic approach, the program helps women navigate life’s challenges by supporting the successful completion of certificate programs in growing fields. The tuition-free certificate prepares these women for careers in growing industries that pay a thriving wage, thus confronting the cycle of poverty in their families.  

Pathways for Single Moms was launched in 2020 in Southern Arizona and, due to its success, has expanded to cover Central Arizona and now the northern region of the state. Coconino Community College has a goal of supporting 30 to 40 women in the duration of the program. There will be 11 career tracks determined to pay living wages for mothers to choose from.  

“The wraparound support design and holistic approach of Pathways Program for Single Moms is truly a best practice model with a track record of success,” said Vice President of Student Services Tony Williams. “We are honored to partner with the Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona in their fight to eliminate barriers to a higher education and livable wage careers for single moms.”   

Pathways Program for Single Moms provides wraparound support for common roadblocks prohibiting single moms from going to school, including tuition costs, equipment expenses, childcare, and transportation. Coconino Community College will assist program recipients in navigating the enrollment process.   
Those accepted into the Pathways program will be awarded 100% paid tuition, as well as Quality-First/Kindergarten-ready childcare. They will also receive a stipend towards living expenses, computer equipment, transportation, and more, as well as emergency funds. Recipients will also receive ongoing coaching, planning, and career services.  

“Pathways for Single Moms makes it possible for participants to have support beyond a technical education and truly make an impact for single moms and their families in Arizona,” said Director of Pilot Programs Joanna Marroquin.   

Upon completion of the certificate program, participants will receive additional resources to ensure women are ready for career advancement, such as application, and resume building, interview and work attire, connections to hiring employers, as well as financial coaching.  

Coconino Community College is now accepting applications for the Pathways Program for Single Moms. For more information or to apply, visit

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