Arizona Youth Organizations to Support

October 23, 2023 

Written by: Leslie Fragozo | WFSA Student Intern

41 million members of Generation Z will be eligible to vote in 2024 

Youth play an important role in today’s world. It’s imperative that we show support for our youngest Arizonans since they will play a big role in shaping our future. For the next upcoming 2024 elections many youth will be eligible to vote. If Arizona’s eligible youth vote during the 2024 election that could sway decisions considerably. Not only is voter turnout important, but the upcoming new voters could decide the next leaders who would represent us. It’s essential that we provide youth with different resources to support them in their early adult years. Youth organizations include a diverse approach to supporting teens and young adults. Youth organizations teach, promote, and prepare young adults to become leaders. Here is a list of note-worthy youth organizations in Arizona that promote organizations that promote inclusivity, leadership, and diversity:: 

  1. YWCA (Tucson, AZ)

The mission of YWCA is to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. Rise Up! Is a leadership program for women ages 13 – 30. Rise Up! creates a safe space for young women who learn about sustainable development goals, international declaration of human rights, and the critical importance of service projects in their own communities. Rise Up! allows young women to discover their own voice and build confidence within themselves.  

  1. Rising Youth Theatre (Phoenix, AZ)

Rising Youth Theatre is a youth leadership organization working at the intersection of art and social justice. Rising Youth Theatre combines the tools of art and theater for youth to advocate and stand up for themselves. Rising Youth Theatre produces original plays around topics that matter to their community, including race, mental health, student pushout, and more. Rising Youth Theatre is a recommended program for young people who enjoy theater and advocacy all in one! 

  1. Arizona Youth Partnership (Arizona)

Arizona Youth Partnership builds solid foundations for youth and families by partnering with Arizona communities to provide services, prevention programs and health education related to substance abuse, homelessness, human trafficking, mental health wellness, teen pregnancy, and challenging family dynamics. Arizona Youth Partnership has different locations throughout Arizona. Arizona Youth Partnership provides diverse programs such as Community Initiatives, Youth and Family, Youth Services, and Youth Wellness. 

  1. Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation (Phoenix, AZ)

Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation creates opportunities to build self-esteem and empower children and youth in foster care by funding services to enrich their life experiences and ensure their successful transition to adulthood. Arizona Friends of Foster Children fund activities and services like summer camps, career development services, and college scholarships for children and youths in foster care. This enhances many opportunities for young people in foster care. 

There are several Arizona based organizations that support teens and young adults to develop different skills and get the support they need. Youth voices matter and it’s important that we show that they are heard and supported! Do you know of a youth focused organization that has made a difference in your community? Let us know in the comments below or email WFSA at