Announcing WFSA’s First Advocacy Coalition

WFSA is proud to invite you to join the Foundation’s very first Advocacy Coalition!

With representation from across Arizona, this coalition will collaborate to address systemic barriers and drive results-focused policy change for women and girls of all identities.

You can support systemic change for Arizona women and girls through your partnership and participation. Join us in the movement for gender equity! >>

In WFSA’s Advocacy Coalition, you will:

  • Learn and share insights about the political landscape in Arizona
  • Participate in statewide advocacy efforts
  • Gain tools to organize and be actively involved in Arizona’s legislative process
  • Support WFSA-championed policies at the State Capitol

What is expected of WFSA’s Advocacy Coalition?

Advocacy Coalition members will meet virtually every quarter with like-minded Arizonans from across the state. The coalition supports women and girls of all identities through WFSA advocacy and public policy initiatives.

The first Advocacy Coalition meeting takes place on Thursday, September 8, 2022, via Zoom. Once you’ve signed up to join, a member of our advocacy team will contact you with additional details.

During this one-hour virtual meeting, you’ll:

  • Get a deep dive into WFSA’s advocacy work
  • Learn about the outcomes of WFSA’s legislative priorities and other policies affecting Arizona women and girls
  • Gain insight into how the current legislative landscape informs our future work
  • Participate in a discussion about this year’s ballot and how it affects the movement for an equitable Arizona

Members will also have access to events such as WFSA’s annual Day at the Capitol where you will have a chance to meet with their Arizona legislators.

Now more than ever, Arizonans must unite in creating an Arizona where women and girls of all identities thrive.

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