SB 1272: Expand Postpartum Coverage to 12 months

WFSA supports SB 1272 which seeks to expand AHCCCS coverage to 12 months postpartum. In Arizona, mothers are currently only covered for 60 days of postpartum care and we know that that is simply not enough. This forces many families to delay or forego critical emotional and physical care during the postpartum period due to cost. An alarming proportion of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) birth parents are becoming gravely ill or dying during or within a year after labor.

Among postpartum persons, roughly 35% of pregnancy-related deaths in Arizona occurred between 42 days and one year after delivery. Nearly a thousand more experience severe, life-threatening complications.

Despite the importance of promoting parental and child health in the first year of life, too many Arizonans lack access to the affordable, quality, comprehensive care they need.  Expanding AHCCCS postpartum coverage for women is an important step to prioritize and protect the health of women in Arizona.