Expand the Healthy Families Arizona Program

Healthy Families Arizona (HFAz) was signed into the 2023 Arizona state budget and allocated $10 million of ongoing funding to support mothers and their families throughout Arizona. This is an evidence-based program designed to prevent child abuse and neglect by supporting new moms and their families through the first years of a child’s life. Almost all HFAz participants are mothers. This program was allocated $10 million in ongoing funding, with the capacity to serve 5,500 families each year. This is an increase of 1,500 additional families from the previous year. This includes expanding service areas to support rural communities. The ongoing funding for HFAz would ensure that eligible single and low-income moms have support from the beginning of their pregnancy through the child’s early years.

Thank you advocates for urging your legislators to ensure that Healthy Families Arizona is allocated ongoing funding in the state budget.

WFSA would like to thank the coalition of supporters who aided us in this legislative priority, including the Arizona Department of Child Safety, Children’s Action Alliance, First things First, and Southwest Human Development.

HB 2111 Tracker

January 10

Arizona Legislative Session Begins

The 2022 session is expected to be one-of-a-kind with projected legislation that will directly impact women and girls in our state.

January 24

HB 2111 introduced in Committee on Health and Human Services

HB 2111 has been voted through to the Appropriations Committee on Monday, January 24. Thanks to WFSA advocates and community partners, the bill received 69 votes of support through the RTS system. Watch the bill proceeding here >> (tune in to 03:23:00)

February 16

HB 2111 passes in the Appropriations Committee

We did it! With the support of our community and advocates, HB 2111 passed the Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, February 16, 2022. Watch the bill proceeding here>> (tune in to 00:12:25)

March 1

HB 2111 passes to the Senate

 The bill passed the House Floor with a 40-17-3 vote! This is great news and the bill is now headed over to the Senate.

April 1

Healthy Families Arizona Awaits Budget Negotiations

HFAz made it through the legislative process and is now on the table for budget negotiations.

June 28

Healthy Families AZ Signed into the Budget

Governor signed Arizona’s Fiscal year 2023 budget ending the 2022 Legislative session.