Century Fund

The Century Fund was established by the Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona in September of 2022 in response to organizations and individuals facing injustices created by systems within our country. 

Named after the Century plant (Agave Americana), found across Arizona, the Century Fund exists to provide immediate support for nonprofit organizations and individuals facing economic uncertainty following once-in-a-lifetime events, such as national policy crises that affect our communities.

“When people are stripped of their ability to make their own decisions about their health and their futures, it threatens the pursuit of an equitable Arizona. The Century Fund exists to support the immediate needs of birthing people and organizations providing critical services.”

– Dr. Amalia Luxardo, CEO

About the Century Fund

The Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona is committed to creating an Arizona where women and girls of all identities thrive. The Century Fund is dedicated to moving resources quickly with a focus on funding organizations and individuals most impacted by systems that perpetuate inequities.

Earlier this year, individuals lost bodily autonomy –a direct consequence that results from the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.    

It is the belief of the Women’s Foundation that when people are able to make their own decisions about their health, their families, and their futures, they are more likely to be economically independent or on the path to self-sufficiency.

We recognize that pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting come with significant financial responsibilities and have established this fund as a resource for those who need it. Recipients of this funding are trusted to use the award in a way that best supports their unique circumstances. 

Nonprofit organizations can apply for funding up to $15,000 to support family planning & support services and individuals can apply for $1,500 in family support funding. Funding is limited to individuals and organizations living in or operating in Arizona.

You can support opportunities that create an equitable future for women and girls of all identities in Arizona. Donate to the Century Fund today!

Eligibility Requirements

We are currently pausing applications for the Century Fund. We will be working directly with service providers to establish a referral process for eligible individuals. If you have questions, please email give@womengiving.org.