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When you participate in philanthropy, you learn to see all the things in our world that are lacking…As you’re working towards bettering these issues you change as a person because you learn to care about others and also through your actions you can impact the lives of many other people.”

How to Get Started

WFSA uses Common Grant as the grant award management tool. The following steps describe how to begin the application process.

Step 1

If you are applying for the first time, register as a new user using this link.

If you are a returning user, log in using this link.

Step 2

When ready to start, click Start Grant Application. Select Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona and click Start Draft App. You can watch this brief video for instructions on how to sign in and get started.

Questions/Technical Assistance

Technical questions about the Common Grant portal can be directed to Common Grant by clicking here. Questions regarding the grant opportunity should be directed to give@womengiving.org.